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Now Offering Precision Waterjet Cutting Services! 

Looking for ways to cut costs, reduce waste and increase productivity? China Steel can help with our new Jet Edge waterjet cutting system!

jet edgePrecision You Can Count On!

  • 13' x 24' Cutting Capacity
  • Dual Independent Cutting Heads for Maximum Productivity
  • Extreme Pressure Intensi?er Pump - 90,000 psi rated
  • 12" thick cutting capacity
  • +/- .005" - .020" tolerance capabilities - depending upon thickness
  • Cuts virtually any material

jet edge 2Waterjet Applications

Waterjet’s ?exibility makes it useful for many applications, including:

  • Cut virtually any material
  • Shape cutting of stainless and nickel alloys – most to net shape
  • Blank cutting of parts for ?nal machining
  • Short and long-run lots of sheet metal parts
  • Screen cutting without burrs or warping
  • Converting plate stock to bars
  • Precision cuts in both thinner and thicker stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • Intricate shapes in delicate materials
  • Custom shims in stainless steel and exotic materials to 6” thick
  • Tube cutting without e?ecting its inner diameter
  • Create parts, not chips – no machining

Waterjet Benefits

  • Achieve Tight Tolerances
  • Eliminates Heat-Affected Zones
  • No secondary Finishing Required!
  • Tight Nesting Reduces Material Waste
  • Cuts Thick Materials

We Cut Virtually Anything…

  • Round Flanges
  • Gears
  • Flights
  • Square Flanges
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Bars
  • And much more…

High Definition Plasma Cutter

Dual head HyperTherm HPR400XD Edge Pro, 12.5’ x 82’ - offers maximum performance and productivity in x-y, bevel and robotic cutting operations. The versatile 400-amp rated system combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability, and delivers the ultimate in HyPerformance mild steel cutting, plus aluminum capability and unmatched stainless steel cut quality.


CNC Shear ½” x 10’

Automatic Hydraulic Bandsaw:  Hyd-Mech M20 A, 20” x 30” Auto Feed & Tilt Thru 45°



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